Healthy Sarcasm Ep05 - Do We Really Need to Die? (Death and Grieving: Processing the Loss of a Loved One)

In Episode 5, the guys sit down to talk about everyone's favorite topic: death and dying. We talk about Keith's most recent loss, as well as how he has processed it. Why do we shy away from talking about death? How do we, as people, process it in different ways? How have rituals surrounding death changed in culture? What are some healthy ways to grieve the loss of a loved one? Why do Keith and Justin have such short grieving processes? Does it arise out of emotional detachment, or is something deeper going on there? Listen to find out! As always, be sure to comment, rate, and subscribe to the podcast! Tell us about your experiences. What are some of the ways that you've processed the loss of a loved one? How did you grow/learn from it. Do you agree with Justin and Keith? Let us know!

Opening Music: The Hardest Part is Forgetting Those You Swore You Would Never Forget - Christina Rotondo (originally by Being as an Ocean) 

Intermission Music: Miles Away - Christina Rotondo (originally by Memphis Mayfire)

Closing Music: Sleepwalking - Christina Rotondo (originally by Bring Me the Horizon)