Episode 42 - Heaven and Hell, Part I: The Nature of God (& Guns)

In Episode 42, the Keith W, Justin, Keith H, Kris, and David start their series on Heaven in Hell by talking about a fundamental question: Who (or what) is God? What is his nature? Can we even comprehend such a being? How does what we believe about God influence our beliefs about the afterlife? Listen to find out! Also, the guys comment on the recent shooting in Oregon, and how we should love and reach out to the families before politicizing the event. That being said, the conversation does delve a bit into the issue of gun control, and Justin gets incredibly upset about it. There are huge disagreements here, so let us know what you think! Finally, Keith H brings us a story about a man under the influence (and among delicious snacks) who unwittingly turns himself over to the police. As always, be sure to comment, rate and subscribe to the podcast! We want to hear from you! Who, or what, is God to you? What is your view on gun control? Should we even be having this debate on the podcast? Let us know by interacting with us on our website, Facebook, or Twitter!

Show Notes:

Intro Music: Dubstep - Ben Sound


Water on Mars

Oregon School Shooting

First Break Music: Morning Star - Wolves at the Gate

Meat and Potatoes:

Nature and Character of God

Second Break Music: Dear G-d - Being as an Ocean

Story Time with Keith:

Too High in Doritos