Episode 30 - Multiple Perspectives on Christianity: Are We Really As Different As We Like to Believe?

In Episode 30, Keith W, Justin, and Keith H sit down to talk about some of their own personal beliefs. Is Justin really a super-liberal Christian? Is Keith H a hardcore conservative? Does Keith W have a weird mix of both? Are we really as different as each of us likes to think? Or do we really have more in common? Listen to find out! Also, the guys talk about a controversial tweet, how the church service is only a small part of the life of a Christian, and how miscommunication can often happen on social media (especially regarding theology and Twitter). This week, they also bring recommendations of music, TV shows, and podcasts. Finally, Justin brings us stories of chicken churches (not vice versa), unfeeling women, feline presidential candidates, and raccoon memorials. As always, be sure to rate, subscribe, comment, and spread the word about the podcast! Know a friend who might like us? Tell them about it! Know a friend who might hate us? Tell them about us! We welcome all feedback!

Show Notes:

The Reccos:

The Liturgist Podcast

Mr. Robot

Ask Science Mike Podcast

Juicy Bits:


Chicken Church

I have a hole in my leg?


Raccoon Memorial


Intro - Dubstep - BenSound

First Break - The Hills - Like Monroe

Second Break - Mr. Brightside - The Killers