Episode 65 - Money, Money, Church

In Episode 65, it is just Keith W. and Graham, no one else showed up! This week we talk about money and the church. We look at how tithing, offerings, prosperity and poverty gospels, and just the plain ole love of money affect those inside and outside the walls of the church. We watch a couple of clips in the beginning highlighting a prosperity gospel preacher Leroy Thompson. Keith and Graham are shocked at what they see. Also we have a great Giants in the Sound segment! Darcy brings up the topic of labeling bands and music as Christian. Do we need to do it and does it provide a benefit when done? Graham and Keith close up the show by looking at the 2016 NCAA Div I Tourney that starts this week. We thank you for listening and hope that you go and give us a review and/or rating over at iTunes and share this with your friends! Love you guys and girls.

Show Notes: 

Intro Music: Dubstep - BenSound


Leroy Thompson walking on Money (start watching at 3:43 to 4:14 some explicit language in other parts of video)

Leroy Thompson - Money Cometh to Me Now

First Music Break: The Ponytail Parades - Emery

Meat and Potatoes:

Mo Money Mo Problems

Second Music Break: To Be A Man - Spirit and the Bride

Giants in the Sound Segement

Labeling Bands and Music as Christian

Third Music Break: Do You Believe Me Now? - Confide