Episode 78 - What We Do when an Interview Falls Through: Spontaneous Thoughts on Space, Movies, and Technology

In Episode 78, Keith W, Justin, and Keith H have a spontaneous discussion after a scheduled interview is cancelled at the last minute. The guys just sit around and discuss their favorite movies, the theology of space (and aliens), and the progression of technology and its effect in our lives. It's a casual podcast, so sit with us, grab a beer, and listen to what we have to say. Also, in the beginning, the guys talk about the recent shootings in Orlando, and how we all have reacted to it. As always, we are joined later by Darcy Rumble from Giants in the Sound as we talk about the Come and Live music community, as well as one of their stranger artists, White Collar Sideshow. Finally the guys wrap up by talking about some sports stuff or something like that. As always, be sure to comment, rate, and subscribe to the podcast. Let us know what you think!

Show Notes:

Intro Music: Dubstep - BenSound

Opening: Remembering Orlando

First Music Break: A Part of Me - Neck Deep

Meat and Potatoes:

Second Music Break: First World Last Place - False Idle

Giants in the Sound Segment

We Chat about the group Come and Live and one of their artist White Collar Sideshow

Third Music Break: Light Up the Dead - White Collar Sideshow