Episode 144 - The Wise Man's Fear

In Episode 144, Keith and Justin are joined by the entire crew of The Wise Man's Fear. The guys talk about their new album, The Lost City, and the process of writing and recording the album. They also talk about the literary influences that they take, as well as how lucid dreaming and the city of Atlantis came to inspire this album. We also touch on how different generations tend to demonize and scapegoat one another, and how the hardcore music scene can act as a binding community. We had an absolute blast talking with these guys, so be sure to listen in! In the beginning, Justin talks about the importance of community, how they lifted him out of depression and anxiety this weekend, and how the church can benefit from being multigenerational. Finally, the guys wrap up the show by giving their final thoughts. As always, be sure to comment, like, and subscribe to the podcast. Let us know what you think!

Show Notes:

Intro Music: Dubstep - BenSound

Meat and Potatoes:

The Wise Man's Fear    Album - The Lost City

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First Music Break - Codex

Second Music Break - The Deepest Dark

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