Episode 24 - The Desire for Certainty

In Episode 24, Keith W, Justin, Keith H, and Miles sit down to talk about certainty. Do we, as people, have a tendency to desire certainty? Do we need to be certain of anything? Should we do whatever we can to move towards certainty, or should we embrace mystery and the unknown? How necessary is certainty for belief and relationships? Listen to find out! Also, the guys talk about humanist churches, and what they mean for the development of religion in the West. Finally, Justin brings up Roman candle warfare, garage destroyers, and golden tickets to heaven. As always, be sure to rate, subscribe, and spread the word about the podcast! Also, we now have a GoFundMe campaign! We are looking to expand and make this organization legit, but we can't do it alone! Be sure to head over to gofundme.com/forgettingwalls to get involved with what we've started!


Intro - Bensound.com

First Break - The Less You Say - Emery

Second Break - Silver and Cold - AFI