Episode 105 - The Real Jesus: Two Deconstructed Christians' Perspectives on an Unassuming Rabbi from Nazareth

In Episode 105, Keith and Justin talk about a topic/person with whom they have a lot of experience: Jesus of Nazareth. Both of our hosts have advanced degrees in religion and theology: one from Liberty, and the other from Appalachian/Harvard. How has our education affected the way we see Jesus? Who is Jesus to us? Why do we still believe in him? What does it mean to be the Messiah? Is his death really the pinnacle of the Gospel? What can we glean from his life and teachings? How do we compare his teachings on love with the actions of the modern church? Why do we bother with calling ourselves Christians in the first place? Listen to find out that we think! In the beginning, the guys talk about Justin's sickness, as well as Keith's crazy Christmas party. As always, Keith is joined once again by Darcy Rumble from Giants in the Sound as they discuss the newest album from Korn, The Serenity of Suffering. Finally, in the end, the guys wrap up the show by giving their final thoughts. As always, be sure to comment, rate, and subscribe to the podcast. Let us know what you think! A;so, remember to get your submission in for the Forgetting Walls Christmas Challenge by December 31st! Be sure to listen to the first segment to find out more!

Show Notes: 

Intro Music: Dubstep - BenSound

Giants in the Sound Segment

Featured Artist: Korn Album: The Serenity in Suffering

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First Music Break: The Hating

Second Music Break: Rotting in Vain

Third Music Break: A Different World