Episode 34 - Marriage: What Is It And How Does It Change Us?

In Episode 34, Keith W, Justin, Keith H, Ryan, and Kris sit down to talk about the concept of marriage. What exactly is the definition of marriage? What is it like to be married? Does marriage change who we are? What depth (or lack thereof) does marriage have in our society? Since Keith W and Ryan are the only two married men on this podcast, they do most of the heavy lifting, while the rest of the guys ask questions. Also, the guys talk about the implications of cloning Jesus, as well as the tragic demise of Hitchbot, our adorable robot companion. Finally, they discuss court-ordered forced marriages and trial by combat. Like what you hear? go over to the podcast page and leave us a comment. And as always, be sure to subscribe, rate, and tell your friends about the podcast!

Show Notes:


RIP HitchBot


House of Cards

Post Christian - Christian Piatt

I Don't Want to Live Forever - Listener

Keith's Story Time:

Forced Marriage

Game of Trials


Intro: Dubstep - Ben Sound

First Break: Art Ambidextrous - Propaganda

Second Break: Reinventing Your Exit - Underoath