Episode 109 - Jay and Jenny Wilburn from Matters of Faith Podcast

In Episode 109, Keith is joined by Jay and Jenny Wilburn from the Matters of Faith Podcast. They talk about the new podcast that will air in February. The spend a great deal of time discussing the current climate of the Church and Christians. Jenny and Keith are friends from way back and they catch up as they talk about how loving people in the church should be difficult. Jay and Jenny also discuss Jay's upcoming kidney transplant and how so many people have rallied around them to help out. Justin and Darcy do join Keith for the other segments. As we open we talk a bit to Darcy and his recent mission trip to the Dominican Republic, which leads into a discussion about missions. On Giants in the Sound segment Darcy talks about a high school nostalgia band Zao! We chat about their newly released album Well-Intentioned Virus. Wrapping the show up the guys talk about the interview a bit and the great win the Packers had over those Cowboys! 

Show Notes:

Intro Music: Dubstep - BenSound

Meat and Potatoes:

Guest Jay and Jenny Wilburn from Matters of Faith Podcast

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Featured Artist: Zao Album: Well-Intention Virus

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