Epsiode 115 - Faith & Reason: Friends or Foes

In Episode 115, Keith and Justin, in anticipation of Justin's new blog post, have a pointed conversation about faith, reason, and intellect. What are our expericnes in the church with faith and reason? What is the role of reason in faith? Can (and should) they be separated? Are faith and reason synonymous? Should they be mutually exlusive? Can you reason yourself to God? Why do so many churches treat philosophy as a stumbling block to faith? And how does this affect our everyday, spiritual lives? Listen to find out what we think! In the beginning, the guys talk about Justin's upcoming blog post without giving major spoilers, and the guys give a challenge/request to our listeners. As always, we are joined once again by Darcy Rumble from Giants in the Sound as we discuss Death Therapy's newest dark, grungy new album, The Storm Before the Calm.

Show Notes:

Intro Music: Dubstep - BenSound

Giants in the Sound Segment

Featured Artist: Death Therapy 

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Album: The Storm Before The Calm

First Music Break: The Lie

Second Music Break: Slow Dance (with Death)

Third Music Break: Everything Burns