Episode 132 - Return of the Grandfather

In Episode 132, Keith, Justin, and Darcy are once again joined by the guys from The Grandfather as they debut a new single from their upcoming EP, Mindful. The guys give their genuine first impressions of the song, and the band discusses the process of writing the EP and how if differs from their previous work. They discuss the importance of lyricism and tone and how they hope to continue to tell a continuous story within their three EPs. The guys also talk about the role of honesty in writing lyrics and whether it's okay to leave listeners in a dark, tension-filled place. We cut up and goof around with the band, so prepare yourself for a joke-filled show. We love these guys, so be sure to check out their new EP and the exclusive premiere of a brand new song on this show! In the beginning, the guys talk about German, Eid celebrations, and whether Charlotte has good Korean food. In the end, the guys wrap up the show by giving their final thoughts and the cyclical relationship between artists and fans. As always, be sure to comment, rate, and subscribe to the podcast. Let us know what you think!

Show Notes

Intro Music - Dubstep - BenSound

Meat and Potatoes

Darcy is back don't forget to check out Giants in the Sound

The Grandfather

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We talk about the upcoming EP, Mindful.

The new track played at the First Music Break was Monroe. There is no link for it due to it not being released yet. 

We also revisit the Prior EP Absent!

Second Music Break - Kemper