Episode 133 - Patriotic Christianity: An Honest Look at the Ties Between Politics and the Church

In Episode 133, Keith and Justin tackle the thorny issue of whether politics should be preached from the pulpit. Is it okay to have patriotic church services? Where is the boundary of the separation of church and state? Should pastors tell their congregations who to vote for? Should politics be completely separate from the church? Was Jesus' message inherently political? How does politics influence the way we speak out against injustice in the church? Listen to find out what we think and more! In the beginning, the guys talk about Propaganda's new album, Crooked, as well as what it's like living in a tourist town during the summer. In the end, the Justin talks about what it's like to date while studying religion and whether it's difficult to be a Christian at Harvard. As always, be sure to comment, rate, and subscribe to the podcast. Let us know what you think!

Show Notes:

Intro Music: Dubstep - BenSound

Featured Artist: Propaganda        Album: Crooked

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First Music Break: Crooked Ways

Second Music Break: Cynical

Third Music Break: Gentrify