Episode 145 - The Illusion of Authority: A Conversation on Unfulfilled Desire, Scapegoating, and Social Media

In Episode 145, Keith and Justin sit down to discuss the ways in which we look up to authority, and how those systems are incredibly fragile/illusory. How has Justin's time at Harvard affected the way that he views "elite" institutions? How do we put expectations on others based on what they do, say, or believe? How does our desire fuel this need for authority, and how can it become dangerous when others get in our way? Finally, how does social media affect the way we project our own authority, and how do we often betray our own insecurity? Listen to find out what we think! In the beginning, the guys talk about the recent, tragic events in Las Vegas, and what we can do both as individuals and as a society. They also conduct a thought experiment, as Justin asks whether it would be worth it to be a kid again. Finally, to wrap up the show, the guys give their final thoughts on these topics, and how they can be used to engage in conversations. As always, be sure to comment, rate, and subscribe to the podcast. Let us know what you think!

Show Notes: 

Intro Music: Dubstep - BenSound

Featured Artist: John Mark McMillan      Album: Mercury and Lightning 

First Music Break: Wilderlove

Second Music Break: Fumbling Towards the Light