Episode 19 - Evolution, and Weed, and Drones, Oh My!- Questions from the Crew

In Episode 19, Keith Wilson, Justin, Keith Hughes, and Skiler gather around to ask each other any question they like. Nothing is off limits! The guys joke around about hunting drones and imagine what life would be like if smoking weed were legal. So listen to find out why Keith H. owns so many cardigans, why Justin cringes whenever Keith W. talks about evolution, and how Skiler got away with being a Buddhist as a child. If you'd like to ask us a question yourself, then go and find us on Facebook and Twitter! Or, go to our website and leave us a comment! You never know; you might just hear your question on a future show!


Intro - Dubstep - Ben Sound

First Break - Farther Along - Josh Garrels

Second Break - Selah - The Ember Days