Episode 20 - Peyton Jones and Church Planting

This is it! Episode 20 is here and we have hooked a big fish. On this episode, we interview Peyton Jones, the self-described "church-planting ninja," author of Church Zero and founder of Church Planting Magazine and the Church Planter's Podcast. We talk about church planting in a local and global context, and what it means to connect with people who are different than us. Also, the guys talk about various encounters with racism that they've recently had, especially towards Asians. Finally, they discuss how video games are invading theme parks (which is awesome!!). So join in on the conversation! Comment, like, and subscribe to the podcast!

Show Notes:

Guest: Peyton Jones - Facebook - Twitter 

Church Planter Magazine 


Intro - Dubstep - Ben Sound

First Break - The Punk Rock Show - MXPX

Second Break - Hello Stupid - Slick Shoes