Episode 21 - Being Imperfectly Real

Yes, episode 21 is here and live. This week as we record the show we live stream it also. Justin is not with us this week and after you listen to the show, you will see why that was a bad idea. Skiler, Keith W., Keith H. and Graham talk about a couple of movies. They mainly focus on Jesus Camp and breakdown the insanity that pursues from over zealous children pastors. It takes us back to episode 18 about indoctrination. Also, the guys have a little too much fun with the live audience and tend to forget to stay on track. The topic this week deals with how imperfect people are, especially Christians. They cover a lot of scripture more than any other episode by far. Keith H. takes care of Justin’s Juicy Bits with a great sports story. Good thing Justin dipped out. So join us and give us some feed back wherever you would like to chat. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or go over to the website ForgettingWalls.com. 


Intro - Dubstep - Ben Sound

First Break - Consume Me Now Remix - Worth Dying For 

Second Break - Vital Lens Beautiful Eulogy