Episode 26 - Genetic Modification: Designer Babies and "Playing God"

In Episode 26, Keith W, Justin, Keith H, and Jack sit down to discuss science! Luckily, Jack helps us out in understanding some of the concepts. What is genetic modification? Is it ethical to modify others' genes? Is it even possible for us to "play God?" Listen to find out! Also, the guys talk about the shooting in Charleston and what it shows about us as a society. Finally, Justin brings up drunk raccoons and sexy rake stabbings. As always, be sure to subscribe and rate the podcast! Also, be sure to check out our GoFundMe campaign!

Show Notes:

Here are the articles and sources that we used during the show:

RadioLab on CRISPR 

Carrot Beer

Drunk Raccoon

Alligator riding Raccoon


Intro - Bensound.com

First Break - Cursing Tongue - Thieves & Kings 

Second Break - L.O.V.E. - Soulfree