Episode 28 - Canada, Music, and Faith: Special Interview feat. Darcy Rumble from Giants in the Sound

In Episode 28, Keith W. and Justin sit down with Darcy Rumble from the music review site Giants in the Sound. The guys ask him questions about his past, his love of music and punk shows, and how he eventually became a Christian. Also, since he hails from the great land up North (Canada), they ask questions about the recent events in America (Charleston, SCOTUS ruling) in order to get his perspective on these issues. This is by far one of the their favorite interviews, so be sure to not miss this! Also, Justin brings in stories of high huskies, crazy contraband, and lucky lottery tickets. Be sure to rate, subscribe and leave a comment for us on iTunes! Let us know what you think!

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Same Sex Marriage Article from Canada

UK Livestock Theft Report

The High Husky

Blind Luck


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