Episode 29 - Multiethnic Megachurches (feat. Laura Veal from Transformation Church)

In Episode 29, Keith W, Justin, and Keith H sit down with the Laura Veal, the worship coordinator of Transformation Church, to talk about cultivating a multiethnic community. How does one even start? Does having a wide variety of people make leading worship raiser or more difficult? And what should churches be doing differently to reach more diverse groups? The guys (and girl) also continue some discussion on the gay marriage ruling, to which there is still contention. This is our most Christian lingo-filled podcast to date, so dive in with us as we explore these topics. Finally, Justin brings up stories of lying firefighters, toilet snakes, killer fireworks, and free nipples. So be sure to subscribe, rate, and listen to us on iTunes and tell us what you think! Are we wrong? Tell us how! Do you agree with us! Let us know!

Show Notes:

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Fake Firefighter

Death by Mortar

Crappy Surprise

Free Nipples - If you want to know why we were laughing so much.


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