Episode 31 - Religious Language and the Great Divide (feat. Tina Semmens)

In Episode 31, Keith W. and Keith H. are joined by Tina Semmens in studio in the place of Justin as he takes a week off. We talk some recommendations from music to podcast to art. We spend a little time getting to know Tina and her background, where she is going and her relationship with Keith W. She is a singer-songwriter, writer, wife, mom, and we continue but you will hear all about her. We get into our topic on religious language and how it divides us in the world. This topic has a relevant position in how we at ForgettingWalls are purposed and directed. We talk about how we take translated words to be the end all be all with the identifier with such concepts like God, Adam or man. The conversation gets a little deep and focuses on the divisive nature of how people hold to their definitions to be the only one and everyone else is wrong. Then, as we often do, we go off into left field and decide to talk about whatever we want. With Justin absent, Keith W. tries and fills the spot the best he can. We chat up naked barn stormer, the cat Boss, and a story about a real man duking it out with a shark. If you haven't go and give us a like or a follow, invite friends to the Facebook page, or please go and share your story. 

Show Notes:


Tina Semmens - Facebook - Twitter - Website - ReverbNation


The Punch Brothers 

Maktub the Art of Paulo Lindh

Relevant Podcast

Juicy Bits:

Naked Barn Stormer

The Cat is Boss

Shark no Surfer Attack


Intro - Dubstep - BenSound

First Break - The Shore - Tina Semmens

Second Break - Relief - Wolves at the Gate