Episode 32 - Creativity or Copying?: How Faith Affects Art

In Episode 32, Keith W, Justin, and Keith H are joined by Ryan and Bobby as they talk about religion and art. What does "good art" look like in the Christian and secular realm? How do they differ? Is Christian art merely ripping off secular trends? Listen to find out what we think. The guys also geek out over superheroes, discuss profile picture filters, joke around quite a bit. Finally, Justin brings us stories of intelligent canines, stalker squirrels, hitchhiking robots, and bouncing urine. So, be sure to listen, rate, and subscribe to the podcast. Also, as always, be sure to tell us what you think!

Show Notes:


Orange is the New Black

Oscar Peterson - Oscar Peterson Plays the George Gershwin Songbook

NF - All I Have - Mansions


Vanishing Grace - Phillip Yancey

Juicy Bits:

Smarty Dog

Stalking Squirrel


Pee-Proof Walls


Intro - Dubsteb - BenSound 

First Break - Double Tap - Foreknown

Second Break - All I Have - NF

Third Break - Movement and Location - Punch Brothers

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