Episode 33 - Trendy "Hipster" Churches: The Future of the Faith or a Passing Fad?

In Episode 33, Keith W, Justin, and Keith H are joined by Ryan, Robbie, and Kris as they discuss the role of new "trendy" churches. What do trendy churches look like? How do they fit within the realm of the Christian church? Can these churches save a declining Christianity? Does Christianity even need saving? Listen to find out what we think. The guys also talk about sports and anime, as Justin and Ryan sit idly by and listen. Finally, they discuss various articles and events, including indigenous Sasquatches, Wifi-less restaurants, and Inflatable Japanese bums. As always, be sure to listen, rate, and subscribe to the podcast. Tell us what you think! What do you think about the newer, trendy churches? Leave us a comment! We'd love to hear from you!

Show Notes:


Arian Foster Comes Out


Royal Blood - Little Monster

August Burns Red - Beauty and Tragedy

Starfield - The Kingdom

Meat & Potatoes

Salvation thru Hipster Christianity 

The News

Weird Biology

Bigfoot vs Yorkie

No WiFi Restaurant


Intro - Dubstep - BenSound

First Break - Little Monster - Royal Blood

Second Break - Zoltar Speaks - Neck Deep