Episode 35 - The Sex Series, Part I: Purity and Virginity

In Episode 35, Keith W, Justin, Keith H, Ryan, and Kris begin their discussions on sex. In Part I, they discuss the concept of purity, especially as it relates to the Christian worldview. How do we define virginity? What is constituted as sex? How far is too far? Why do we hold these concepts in high regards in our society? Should these values be maintained? Listen to find out what we think. Also, the guys talk about some bands to be on the lookout for in the near future, and how Christian art can be done well. Finally, Keith H reads a story about two brothers who couldn't share a Big Mac, which leads to a swelling disagreement about the legitimacy of fast food. So, as always, be sure to comment, rate, and subscribe to the podcast! Tell all of your friends about it! And stay tuned next week, when we tackle another facet of sexuality.

Show Notes:


15 Christian Artist You Should Check Out

Story Time With Keith:

Big Mac Attack


Intro - Dubstep - BenSound

Opening Buffer - Let's Talk About Sex - Salt N Peppa

First Break - Patience and Silence - My Epic

Second Break - Song for the Broken - Close Your Eyes