Episode 36 - The Sex Series, Part II: Masturbation and Pornography

In Episode 36, the guys continue their discussion on sex by talking about masturbation and porn. Is masturbation inherently wrong? Should a Christian be able to masturbate without guilt? What about when porn is thrown into the mix? Is porn harmful? How should we respond to porn in light of the industry? There are some major disagreements on this one, so listen to find out what we think. Also, the guys spend a few minutes clarifying a few things from last week's episode, and they give some final thoughts regarding it as well. Finally, Keith H brings us a story of yet another presidential hopeful, Deez Nuts. So, as always, be sure to rate, like, and subscribe to the podcast to hear more of our talks! Also, comment and let us know what you think!

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Deez Nuts


Intro - Dubstep - Ben Sound

Opening Buffer - A Boy Brushed Red Living in Black and White - Underoath

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Second Break - Such Great Heights - Confide