Episode 37 - The Sex Series, Part III: Homosexuality

In Episode 37, the guys sit down with Justin's good friend Charlie, as they discuss the topic of homosexuality. Is it natural? Is it sinful? Can one be considered a gay Christian? How has the church responded to this issue, and what can we do differently? Where do we all stand on the issue? Everyone has a different opinion on this one, so listen to find out what we think. Also, the guys talk about Christian infidelities, as well as some final thoughts on the last episode. Finally, Keith brings us a story of a Pokemon battle that almost got a little too serious. As always, be sure to rate, comment, and subscribe to get the quickest updates on the podcast! Also, be sure to share and tell all of your friends about us!

Show Notes: 


Exopsing Jimmy Epting NGU President

Story Time With Keith:

Gotta Catch Those Pokemon Criminals


Intro - Dubstep - BenSound

Opening Buffer - It's Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door - UnderOath

First Break - Bang Bang - Dispatch

Second Break - Little Lion Man - Tonight Alive