Episode 38 - The Sex Series, Part IV: Gender, Sexism, and Heterosexuality

In Episode 38, the guys (minus Keith H) sit down to talk about the topic of gender, sexism, and heterosexuality. What is gender? Is it fluid or static? What are some issues that come up with gender? What does gender discrimination look like, and what should we do about it? How does it relate to heterosexuality? How does the concept of gender affect everyday life? Again, there are some major disagreements on this one, so listen to find out! Also, the guys talk about Star Wars shopping and villains before giving some reccos for the week. Finally, since Keith H is gone this week, Justin revives an old segment for one more victory lap! So, as always, be sure to listen, rate, and subscribe to the podcast! Also, be sure to recommend us to your friends, enemies, family, strangers, and everyone in between!

Show Notes:


Star Wars Force Friday Shopping and Villain talk 


DJ Promote

Oh Sleeper

Straight Outta Compton Motion Picture


Justin's Juicy Bit

Wife to the Rescue


Intro: Dubstep - BenSound

First Break: Hush Yael - Oh Sleeper

Second Break: I Don't Mind - Defeater