Episode 82 - Gotta Catch Them All: Pokemon Go, Perry Noble, and Darcy Rumble

In Episode 82, Keith W. is joined by Darcy Rumble for the whole show and they get a bit out there! They spend way too long talking about Pokemon Go in the Meat and Potatoes segment. They mispronounce names, laugh, get everything wrong, laugh, and get more stuff wrong. They really have no idea or knowledge on the topic of Pokemon. The start the show by catching up with Darcy and discussing Perry Noble's stepping down from the senior pastor position at NewSpring CC. Darcy and Keith talk about the new Chevelle album The North Corridor in the Giants in the Sound segment. Closing the show Darcy gets heated about Ken Ham's Ark Project! Hope you like the show! Share, comment, and go over to iTunes and give us a rating and review! 

Show Notes:

Intro Music: Dubstep - BenSound


Perry Noble's Departure

First Music Break: Pokemon Theme Song - Fall of a Tyrant

Meat and Potatoes:

Pokemon Go: All Articles related to the segment

Pokemon Go Explained

Teen looks for Pokemon finds dead body

Churches become Pokestops

Westboro recruits Jigglypuff

Second Music Break: Door to Door Cannibals - Chevelle

Giants in the Sound Segment

Chevelle drops new album The North Corridor 

Third Music Break: God Complex - Dose of Adolescence