Episode 83- Pastor Worship & the Lonely Podcaster

In Episode 83, Keith W. is all by himself. Yep, everyone was unable to join him, so Keith is the lonely podcaster. This week he keeps it short and maybe not so much to the point. In the Meat and Potatoes, he talks about the Perry Noble firing and pastor worship. He spends a lot of time on how people place pastors and their families on a higher moral level than they do for themselves and their families. We hope you like the show and give some feedback on what you think about the topics discussed. So, as the show was short so is this summary. Go over to iTunes and give us a rating and review! Love you guys and girls!

Show Notes:

Intro Music: Dubstep - BenSound

First Music Break: The Silver String - Saosin

Meat and Potatoes:

Perry Noble and Pastor Worship

Stats on Pastors

Perry Noble's Firing

Second Music Break: Say This Sooner - The Almost