Episode 91 - Interview with Cam Smith from Hotel Books

In Episode 91, Keith, Justin, and David are joined by musician and poet Cam Smith from the band Hotel Books. The guys talk about the ways in which Cam's faith has affected his art, as well as the creative approaches he takes when writing poetry. Also, they delve into the topic of commercialization within the church, and how the Gospel is often marketed and sold as snake-oil, or a counterfeit product. The guys briefly discuss how improvisational comedy serves as an inspiration for performance, and the importance of Cam recording his vocals in one take. They also talk about what it's like to be an artist within (and without) the Church, and Cam gets incredibly passionate as the guys sit back in awe. This is by far one of our favorite interviews, so don't miss this incredible episode. In the beginning, the guys talk about Keith going back to church (*can I get a Hallelujah?*), and why Justin might be leaving his newfound church. Furthermore, they ask whether the personality and preaching of the pastor should be the reason we choose to attend (or not attend) a church. So be sure to listen to find out what we think! Back at it again, we are finally joined once more by Darcy Rumble from Giants in the Sound as we discuss Norma Jean's newest album, Polar Similar. Finally, the guys end the episode by putting their minds back together after such an amazing interview. We give our final thoughts and tell you the various ways with which you can connect with us. Speaking of which, be sure to comment, rate, and subscribe to the podcast! Let us know what you think!

Show Notes: 

Intro Music: Dubstep - BenSound

First Music Break: America's Next Model - Hotel Books

Meat and Potatoes: Hotel Books

Interview Cam Smith

Check Out Hotel Books:





Invogue Records

Most Importantly:   Go Buy His Book Here

Second Music Break: Can You Do Me A Kindness? - Hotel Books

Giants in the Sound: Norman Jean 

Album: Polar Similar

Third Music Break: Death is a Living Partner - Norma Jean