Off the Cuff Ep01 - The Pilot Episode: Politics, Persecution, and Polarities

In Episode 1, Justin and Keith start off their brand-new the new podcast! As they talk about more personal issues, the guys drift towards the political realm as they discuss why some people seem to hate Obama. Single-handedly, we settle the debate: is Obama a Muslim (or, better question, does it even matter?) Relatedly, the guys talk about Christian persecution and whether or not it needs to be publicly addressed. Finally, the guys talk about having a wider perspective of the world and breaking out of short-sighted boxes and communities. Are Christians meant to live in extremes? How can we avoid being "ideological jerks?" Listen to find out what we think! If you like this podcast, be sure to comment, rate, and subscribe to us. Tell us what you think!

Show Notes:

Opening Music - Drag Me Down Cover - Our Last Night (originally One Direction)

Music Break - Blank Space Cover - Our Last Night (originally Taylor Swift)

Closing Music - Dark Horse Cover - Our Last Night (originally Katy Perry)

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